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About us

Black Community Reconstruction wants to reconstruct what we view as the “Black Community” by showing and teaching a few principles that we view as essential to growing a healthy and loving community.  

1. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY:   We want to have programs that focus on personal responsibility. Not blaming others for issues and looking at self for change.  
2.  LOVE:   Through our service and our programs we want to demonstrate love emanating from the spirit of god. Everything we do in the community must be done with an humble spirit and reflecting love and sacrifice.  
3. PURPOSE:   Everything that we do revolves around our “PURPOSE.”  The guiding principles of our group is LOVE, SACRIFICE, and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. These principles guide our purpose.  


Community Cleanup:

Taking personal responsibility for our community by cleaning up and beautifying the community. 


Missing Parents Program:

We at BCR are giving kids with missing parents an opportunity to talk about their struggles and have a place to turn to for direction. Our program is dedicated to the children who have parents missing due to incarceration, drug use, death or any reason that could separate a child from a parent. It is a  four day program that brings in mental health professionals and leaders in the community to tackle the issues facing these children. We can replace parents, but we can provide a vehicle for the kids to talk about there frustrations.  

Take Action

 Reconstructing the Black Community by leading with Love and teaching Personal Responsibility.

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